A burning topic nowadays. In Cuba the Human Rights are not violated.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Policy of the U.S.A. violates human rights outside and inside Cuba

The United States does not have moral to speak about human rights
The most recent scaling in the hostile policy of United States towards Cuba violates with an undeniable elector content individual prerogatives to both sides of the Straits of Florida. The destruction of the Revolution constitutes the deepest motivation of a group of measures approved last May by the American president, George W. Bush. The regulations try to rise to the Cuban people as the only option of an economic, political model and social “Made in USA” and the delivery of the control of their economy putting under it neoliberal prescriptions. The measures include, among others, to destine 59 million dollars to increase the counterrevolution within Cuba and other 18 million to reinforce and to maintain in the air illegal transmissions of radio and television towards the island. The practice of the measures, on June 30, marks to a new qualitative stage in the policy of aggressions and systematic violations Cuban people’s human rights by the North American authorities, violating in first place the right to the free determination of Cuban people, when promoting the destruction of the political, economic and social system constructed during 45 years of Revolution. The report of the denominated Commission of Aid for the Freedom of Cuba, disclosed by Bush, projects actions aimed at corroding the fundamental sources of entrance and support to the safety of Cuba, especially tourism. It also affects the right of Cuba to La Paz when suggesting a military invasion with the purpose of causing a political change in Cuba and ending the historical continuity of the Revolution. They limit in addition the granting to licenses for educational trips and academic interchange among citizens and North American institutions, conditioning that the projects directly support the objectives of the North American policy towards the island. Succeeding aggressions promoted and financed by American administrations have caused in Cuba the death of three thousand 478 people and the breaking of the physical integrity of other two thousands 99. Seven in ten Cubans were born and have lived put under the deficit that the blockade North American imposed to this country causes from 1962, which in the commercial sphere only it has inflicted here losses superior to 72 billion dollars.

Happy childhood and youth in Cuba

In Cuba a favorable situation for the development of childhood and the teenage years exists as resulting from the policy maintained during more than 40 years, centered in social justice and the fairness. The well-being of the children is an inherent intention to the Cuban social project. The respect and the attention to their rights constitute a strategy that, in a conscious and planned way, please allows the projection of actions in the childhood. The political commitment of the Government and the social mobilization of all the town in benefit of the children and adolescents, together with the shared responsibility and the participation of every body from decentralized way, stand out like the fundamental premises that they have allowed and will allow to respond to the goals propose and to give to attention to the good unfolding of the rights of children. The State protects childhood’s rights by means of the Constitution of the Republic through the different Codes, Laws and Decrees Laws that are in it. Assigned to the National Assembly of the Popular Power it works with permanent character the “Commission of Attention to the Childhood, Youth, and the Equality of Women Rights”, the one that in the matter of protection develops its functions helping to the Parliament and the Council of State for a better attention of childhood, the youth and the woman. Cuban children’s rights are protected by means of the design, execution and evaluation of social policies, programs and projects in the areas of health, education, the social security and others. Among the one they stand out the most appear: National program of Maternal-Infantile Attention that includes diverse objectives and which development stops has acquired the structure of programs; among them, the Program for the Reduction of Under Weight when being born, the Program for the Development of the Perinatología, the Program Fights against the Acute Diarrheic Diseases, and the Acute Respiratory Infections, the National Program of Immunizations, the Program of Prevention and Precocious Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases, the National Program of Action on the Accidents in minors of 20 years, the Program of Conscious Maternity and Paternity, the Program of Prevention and Control of the Infectious Neurological Syndromes and the Plan of the Control of the Pursuit of the Growth of the Minor of 5 years.

The United States continues not knowing human rights in Guantánamo

They do violate the human rights

Without paying attention to the international refutation generated by its violation of human rights in the naval base that maintains in Guantánamo, Cuba, the United States continues denying any possibility of shelter the prisoners shut in the place. The history of that piece of territory that the Island considers illegally occupied by Washington is abundant in incidents of all type and attempts to even cause a serious conflict on the part of the North American military. Reached its control by an agreement that facilitated to the Americans a ready government to serve its interests, the base was always scene of attacks against the Cuban border guards and facilitator of infiltrations of contra revolutionaries. Now, the government of President George Bush turned it a titanic prison for hundreds of people catch in Afghanistan and other places of the world, for which all the prerogatives stipulated in international treaties refused. In their interpretation of conventions and laws subscribed by the United States, that has been in that community for years cannot even receive legal attendance, prisoners are not considered military and they were not even accused in front of a court. But the scandal to that gave rise this fact reached greater proportions after knowing the continuous tortures which the prisoners are put under and when refusing, even to the UN, the possibility of visiting them to verify the received treatment. Before that situation, more than 80 of the prisoners they maintain a hunger strike fought by the authorities of the base by means of the feeding to the force of the prisoners due to the danger of death of some of them. Nevertheless, the Department of Justice of the United States finishes making another legal action and discriminatory against those who demands justice from a confinement considered like ruthless. Due to the profusion of demands presented/displayed in different North American courts in favor of the prisoners, it raised to Cortes to concentrate them in a unique jury in Washington with the objective to delay and to prevent his treatment. This decision of the American administration exceed the new unawareness of hundreds of men’s human rights who are shut in the base of Guantánamo that is really, another illegal prisons maintained by the White House anywhere in the world.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Economic blockade of United States violates human rights

And they speak us of human rights…

The economic sanctions and the embargo imposed by the United States against Cuba constitute a serious violation to the human rights of the Cuban town. The economic blockade constitutes the greater obstacle so that the Cuban town can obtain its right to the development. The economic blockade has prohibited to the foreign companies to establish direct commercial links with Cuba and has affected the nourishing supplying and the survival of the Cuban town. North American industrial circles have exhorted in repeated occasions to end the sanctions, as well as to standardize the relations between the United States and Cuba. The United States handles double standards in relation to the questions of human rights and that has plotted many motions on developing state of human rights against nations, including Cuba. Washington surely will pay by this type of practices, which have generated ample critics anywhere in the world. Perez indicated that Cuba always has had as priority to guarantee and to improve the human rights of its town and is arranged to initiate a dialogue with the international community and to cooperate with her in which the questions of human rights talk about. The conference of human rights of the UN must make reforms and redefine its objectives and rules to avoid its use on the part of certain countries like forum to impose double standards in relation to the human rights.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Defending the truth

The Cuban political and electoral system
The Cuban political and electoral systemThe condemn to the Cuban political and electoral system constitutes one of the fundamental supports of the enemy campaign against our country, headed by the United States. The activity against Cuba about democracy and human rights, not only constitutes the main tool of the United States to try “to legitimize” its policy of hostility and aggression towards Cuba; but that it responds also to the interest of the main capitalist industrialized countries to impose the countries in the way of development a model of political organization which facilitates the control. In their campaign against Cuba, Washington tries to demonstrate the mutual incompatibility of the political system that establishes the Constitution of the country with the norms internationally accepted in the matter of democracy and human rights, and to make the image of an intolerant society, which does not allow a minimum diversity and political plurality. For this United States have powerful instruments of propaganda and several resources which it uses for the recruitment, organization and financing of against revolutionaries splinter groups, which have like “political opposition”, as much inside as abroad. The manipulation of the concept “democracy” by the main western powers has reached very dangerous magnitudes recently. Those that separate from the democratic model which they glorify, of the patterns and values that they promote, are not only put under the reprimand through the international propaganda and institutions that control the call “defense of the democracy”, but they also become potential “victims” of the intervention doctrine which develops the imperialistic power. Our country either knew the model which today they try to impose it, or lived the sad experience on the system that prescribed the United States, and that brought as consequence the external dependency, the corruption, the illiteracy and the poverty of plenty sectors of the population, racism, in summary, the complete denial of the most elementary individual and collective rights, including the right to truly free and democratic elections. Because of that, the Cuban Revolution could not assume this system if it really wanted to solve the evils inherited product of this one. This way, the country was involved in designing its own model, for which it removed in its own roots and went to the social thought, patriotic and humanist of enlighten leader of the Cuban nation. Our model is not imitative, was never a copy of the Soviet model or of the existing one in the socialist countries at that time, like the enemies of the Revolution wanted people to believe. The political system of Cuba is born and it corresponds with happening of the historical evolution of the social politician process of the Cuban nation, with its achievements and errors, their advances and backward movements. The fact that the formation and development of the Cuban nation during 130 years of existence it has faced favored a coherent history, allowing developing the idea to create a nation by the Cubans.

How it is the Cuban electoral process?

How can have people who still doubt that in our country the rights are not violated? The political system in Cuba does not approach remotely to speculations like those, which discredit our country in the world. But the Cubans we will not let to darken our image. We will follow demonstrating ahead to ALL who we are really. A country that does not violate the Human rights.
Characteristics of theCuban political and electoral system:
1 - Universal, automatic and gratuitous inscription of all the citizens with right to the vote, as of the 16 years of age.
2 - Postulation of the candidates directly by the own voters in public assemblies (in many countries the ones are the political parties that name the candidates).
3 - Nonexistence of electoral discriminatory, millionaires, offensives, defamatory and manipulated campaigns.
4 - Total cleaning and transparency in the elections. The ballot boxes are guarded by children and young pioneers; they have been sealed in the presence of the population, and the count of the votes for of public way, being able to participate the national and foreign press, diplomatic, tourists and the entire one that wishes it.
5 - Obligation of which all the elect ones are it by majority. The candidate is only elect if he obtains more from 50% of the emitted valid votes. If this result is not reached in the first return, will go to second both that more votes obtained.
6 - The vote is free, equal and secret. All the Cuban citizens have the right to choose and to be chosen. Since there is list of no parties, one vows directly by the candidate who is desired
. 7 - All the representative organs of the Power of the State are chosen and renewable.
8 - All the chosen ones must render account of their performance.
9 - All the chosen ones can at any time be revoked of their mandate.
10 - The deputies and delegates are not professional, therefore they do not receive wage.
11 - Participation discharge of the town in the elections. In all the electoral processes that have been celebrated from year 1976, they have participated more in 95% of the voters. In the last elections for Deputies in 1998 they voted a 98.35% of the voters, were valid 94.98% from the emitted votes, were annulled 1.66% of the tickets and deposited in target only 3.36%.
12 - The Deputies to the National Assembly (Parliament) choose themselves for a mandate of 5 years.
13 - The integration of the Parliament is representative of the most dissimilar sectors of the Cuban society.
14 - A deputy by each 20 000 inhabitants, or greater fraction of 10 000 chooses themselves. All the municipal territories are represented in the National Assembly, and the nucleus bases of the system, the electoral circumscription, participates actively in its composition. Each municipality will choose like minimum two deputies, and from that number, so many deputies will choose themselves proportionally as inhabitants exist. 50% of the deputies must be delegated of the electoral circumscriptions, which must live in the territory on the same one.
15 - The National Assembly chooses, of between its Deputies, to the Council of State and the President of he himself. The President of the Council of State is Chief of State and Head of Government. It means that the Head of the Cuban Government must be put under two electoral processes: first it must be elect like Deputy by the population, by the free vote, direct and secret, and later by the Deputies, also by the free, direct and secret vote.
16 - To the being the National Assembly the Supreme Organ of the Power of the State and to be subordinated her legislative, executive and judicial functions, the Government and Chief of State cannot dissolve it.
17 - The legislative initiative is patrimony of multiple actors of the society, not only of the deputies, the Supreme Court and the Office of the public prosecutor, but also of the union, student organizations, of women, social and of the own citizens, requiring itself in this case who exercise the legislative initiative 10 000 citizens like minimum which they have the condition of voters.
18 - The laws are put under the majority vote of the Deputies. The specific thing of the Cuban method is that a law does not take to the discussion of the plenary one until as much, by means of consultations reiterated to the deputies and considering the proposals that have done, it is demonstrated that clearly the majority consent for its discussion and approval exists. The application of this concept acquires greater relevance when it is the participation of the population, jointly with the deputies, in the analysis and discussion of strategic subjects. In those occasions the Parliament is transferred to the labor, student centers and farmers, having become reality the direct and popular democracy.
The expressed thing up to here shows the essence of the Cuban democracy, the system that it has instituted, authenticated and supports the immense majority of the Cubans. Nevertheless, we do not try to have reached a level of perfect democratic development. The main quality of the Cuban political system is its capacity for the constant improvement based on the necessities raised for the accomplishment of a total participation, true and systematic of the town in the direction and the control of the society, essence of all democracy.